Red Earth & Company S1E1

Red Earth & Company S1E1


Edidiong Hilary Ekpo: “If Africa were personified and was your friend, where would you go and what would you learn?”

Idongesit Ekpo: “You have always been beautiful
This beauty shone defiantly once upon a time when you were free
You were all about dance and laughter
You never failed to flaunt your sophisticated edifices
You wanted to live in colour and light.
Right now, your beautiful eyes are distant
Looking over the Pacific for acknowledgement
Scared to recognise the sempiternal and ethereal entity you once were and still are.
Oh dear, come with me into yourself
I must remind you of how you are Queen of this earth
Let’s gallivant the lushness of ageless Ethiopia
So you can learn how unconquerable you are
Let’s stroll along the smiling coast of serene Gambia
Where the sands and waves dance into the night.
So its winds can fan the embers of joy into smiles
Let’s glide over the pulsing veins of the serpentine Congo
As it runs deep through the wild lush vegetations
Let’s inhale the expanse of the living deserts of Namibia,
Here, we can learn to dance and live again
Let’s bathe in the cloudy mist of Victoria falls
It will wash us clean of centuries of debilitating lies that poison our hearts.
I cannot say enough of this beauty that is you.
Our journey may take a while but you are the sovereign timekeeper.
And while the world awaits your rebirth in dread or awe, I will stand strong and fierce like you taught me.
I will preach of your effervescent blood that flows through my veins.
The blood of Africa.”- Idongesit Ekpo and Joshua Meremikwu


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July 31, 2019

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