Red Earth & Company S1E2

Red Earth & Company S1E2



Idongesit Ekpo: “You have grown up with thoughts about Africa that have been heavily influenced by the stereotypical books, conversations and media that you have consumed. When did you break free of these notions and learn to truly see Africa? How do you see her now?”

Edidiong Hilary Ekpo: “Africa is Gold. From its rich earth to its invaluable people.

Sometimes I feel like a prodigal son that has come short in giving back to my motherland, but Africa is forgiving and will always welcome me back.

I have observed how kind, industrious and resilient my people are. Africans will survive, I repeat, survive any given circumstance and flourish.

That mentality is true wealth.
There are dreams we hope Africa to become and without doubt, its future is bright!” #HappydemocracyNigeria


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July 31, 2019

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