Cinematography has always inspired me with its rich composition, gestures, and moods. Often while watching films from all over the world, I’ll say to myself “that would be a great picture.” I appreciate the odd details that they offer; they inspire me to never limit myself.

My photography consists of multiple genres such as landscape, fine art, wedding photography, and even product work. Anything with adventure and purpose is a piece I want to be involved creating.

Asides photography in the art department, I love drawing complex lines, shapes and curves, graphic design softwares, singing and beatboxing (if you think you got some rap or voice in you, let’s have a mini session).

Meet Me

edidiong ekpo

Currently residing in Utah County, I grew up most of life in Nigeria. I am an Ibibio person which is from a rich coastal culture in southern Nigeria. A compelling and stunning culture that has made me obsessed with its social graces, style and food(it’s been rumored we have the best food and chefs in the world).

I stay busy and enlightened by traveling and observing different cultures, ideas, and arts.

Playing football (the original football), great social interactions, dancing, religion, and meditation are some things that keep me rejuvenated.


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